• No More Boring Team Meetings!

  • Are your team meetings putting people to sleep?

    Team meetings are an essential part of working together, but many people say they are boring and a waste of time.


    In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, more than 60% of senior managers said meetings:

    • prevent them doing their own work
    • are unproductive and ineffective
    • come at the expense of deep thinking
    • and miss opportunities for better collaboration
    The Better Meetings service will help you make your team meetings more engaging, more useful, and more effective. After all, you don't just want better meetings - you want a high-performance team that achieves its goals, right?
  • How Does It Work?

    You get a collection of "ready-to-go" activities you can run at your meetings. Each activity pack comes with instructions, a tutorial video, and any resources you need for the activity.

    You know HelloFresh - the meal delivery service that sends you a box with a meal, with a recipe and all the ingredients ready for you to cook and serve? Well, think of this as HelloFresh for your team meetings.


    Watch this short overview video for more ...

  • Benefits


    Make your team meetings more engaging


    Team members work together in group activities


    Develop important future-ready skills in your team


    Foster a culture of innovation and active learning


    Be a better leader , facilitator, and coach

  • Go ahead - try it out!

    Watch the video here to see what a sample activity pack looks like.


    Then fill in your name and email below to get access to this pack - so you can try it out yourself with your team.

  • Packs

    For your convenience, we have grouped the activities into three different areas.

    Future Thinking

    Innovation, Mindset, Active Learning, ...

    People Skills

    Emotional Intelligence, Team, Customers, ...

    Productivity and Performance

    Goal Setting, Decision Making, ...

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